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Download limited, unknown cause


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I can't seem to be able to download faster than 30kb/sec.

It does not say my downloads are limited though.

But even if i've got like 5 torrents going, they'll never add up to more than 30kb/sec (but if i pause all but one it will reach 30kb/sec). a few days ago i was downloading at like 90kb/sec on utorrent, and i know my internet is much more capable. so can anyone help?

(i know that if you set the upload limit to 5kb/sec it limits downloads to 30 kb/sec, but i've got the upload limit at 10kb/sec... and it doesn't say the downloads are limited)

(and yes i have tried disabling my firewall. and i've forwarded the port utorrent uses)

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do you mean don't post in two different forums? i posted in troubleshooting, but after reading a sticky about how you shouldn't post speed-questions in troubleshooting (and i wasn't sure if this counted) i decided to post here as well just to be safe =]

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