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Unable to connect to seed/peer on Private/Non-DHT Tracker


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I've been having this problem. Normal torrent does work (those which has DHT enabled)

But when it comes to torrents from private trackers that requires registration, or torrents that has DHT disabled, I can technically see the total seed/peer numbers, but I cant connect to any of them.

Any ideaa what is wrong? Using uTorrent 1.6.

Port forwarded prooperly on 24510 (green icon showed below)

Total download/upload can hit the max of what my ISP offer.

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Tracker Status (blank)

In fact, I just realised, all my tracker status are blank. Basically I think I'm downloading from the DHT only.

What could be the problem?

I got 8 task running, and everything is downloading fine, but when I check General Tab; Tracker is updating, and Tracker Status tab is blank.

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Yes tracker URL is there.

Ok here is what is under my Tracker Section under General Tab (for all torrents)

Tracker URL :- (multiple addresses, single addresses, depending on Torrent)

Tracker Status :- (blank)

Update In :- updating...

DHT Status :- (for those that have announce, torrent working fine) | (for those that is disabled, can see peer/seed total but cant connect to any)

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OK just patched it and rebooting now.

And yes I'm running WinXP SP2

EDIT: Ok patched it. Immediate effect is that it is much faster now.

But still the same problem persist. My tracker doesnt seem to want to announce probably (it is stuck in updating) and the torrents with DHT disabled cant even check the Seed/Peer list now (only when I reload the torrent file then it will show up again, but no connection can be made)

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I can verify this problem and fix on a xp with utorrent 1.6.1 build 478 beta.

Additional info:

While waiting for the official webgui, I wrote a small python script to create a javascript web page to give me the current status, based on the data in the resume.dat and from the active torrents file. The info[key]["dht"] value normally is 5, whenever I had a problem file it would show as a 7.

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