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Limiting one torrent affected total [build 474]


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Well, I looked at four pages back and didn't saw a topic with a problem that looks on mine, so I'll make a new topic..

When I was just seeding with three torrents (2 at around 5-15 kb/s, 1 at 60-65), I wanted to limit the one at 60-65 to 50kb/s. I had the total limited to 70. After doing that, it made the total UL rate go down to 50, so the torrent first going 60 went down to 30kb/s. Once I took the limit off, it went back to what it was. I tried it a few times to look if it wasn't the peer downloading slower. I also tried limiting the other torrents, but then the total wasn't affected. So I thought it was a bug.

I later on tried lowering it to 30kb/s and 50kb/s (The torrent I was trying to limit now didn't go to 65, but 40 this time), but then it wouldn't take the total down again, so I'm kinda puzzled if it's a bug or not.

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