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queued up torrents in μTorrent Web disappear when I restart browser.

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Had this problem for a year or more but finally thought to ask.

Every time I have to quit my browser or reboot my Mac all of the torrents disappear except for several I've had for years. The downloaded files email but μTorrent Web seems to flush out everything I added since the last restart.

Normally I add torrents to download in μTorrent Web via magnet links on source sites. Infrequently I add using a file. Very rarely a problem other than a lot of what I download and share are obscure BBC shows and if I'm lucky more than one other person is seeding them...but that's not the point.

Is there a hidden folder or config file where μTorrent Web stashes the magnet links? Or should I just go back to downloading the files instead of using magnet links so that when they all disappear again I can just drag them back onto μTorrent Web and start again?

Google Chrome browser Version 116.0.5845.187 (Official Build) (x86_64) on MacOS 10.15, μTorrent Web Version (9924)

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