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All my added torrents (69), just have gone missing.


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My windows crashed everytime but i don't think this is the problem.. I got uTorrent yesterday and let it downloading/uploading on the night.. ok, then today i have restarted my computer twice and the torrents were still there. So my windows started to crash (and i dont know why). Windows crashed 3 times when i was with uTorrent opened and on the 3rd i just realized that ALL my added torrents (in program) just MISSED. Now i have NO torrents added in uTorrent.

Any suggestions for what for me to do?

sry for bad english.

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Hi dude... I faced the similar problem... I did not have my windows crashed.. but I have some frequent power failures.. so my system restarts....

And suddenly when the utorrent starts I have no torrents or in the other case I have this rechecking of the torrents... This surely is damn... then what does the force start mean... this is really bad about this beautiful utorrent...

And for the Start > Run > %appdata%\uTorrent, I did not try it... But I'm sure that there will be rechecking for the torrents when its loaded...

Typos regreted...

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