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Slow speeds with new wireless router.


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I installed a wireless network and now uTorrent is going very slow. I have forwarded the port and even checked it at ShieldsUp! and confirmed that it is open. The connection being reported by the Windows and my wireless router is 125 Mbps. A test at DSL reports show that my download speed is 1202 kbps or 150.3 KB/sec and my upload speed is 694 kbps or 86.8 KB/sec. I have limited upload speeds to 20 KB/sec in uTorrent.

I have forward the port 17832 in my DSL modem (acting DHCP and NAT for the 0.1 subnet) to my wireless router and then in my wireless router (acting DHCP and NAT for the 11.1 subnet) to my computer and also have UPnP enabled in both my router and in uTorrent. I am getting the green check that says I can accept incoming connections.

It will start the torrent out very slow at about 10 ~ 20 KBp/s down and 20 KBp/s up (the limit). This is a torrent with 1,462 seeds and 3,116 peers limited to 70 max connections per torrent with 3 upload slots and only one torrent allowed to run at a time. After about 30 mins the torrent may pick up to 40 ~ 60 KBp/s, but before adding the router, I was getting at least 150 ~ 160 KBp/s down. It should also be noted that it takes some time before I will get a good connection base with other peers. It only starts with 6 or so seeds and 9 or so leechers and takes awhile before it will get more.

What am I missing. Everything should be working correctly, but my connections are going very slow. The wireless router is a Buffalo WHR-G54S.

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