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Recommended Settings for a 1500/128 Cable Connection


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I have a 1500/128 Kb/s (~189/16 KB/s) cable connection.

My system is a P4 3.0G w/1204MB DDR2 533.

My OS is Windows XP Pro with SP2 (Max half connection 50).

What are the recommended setting for getting stable upload and high download without interfering with surfing the web etc. ?

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I have the exact (though DSL) connection.

I usualy run only one torrent at a time, 4-5 upload slots, 50 peer connections per torrent. I limit upload to around 8-9kB/s (since my 128 upload doesnt pass 12kB usualy even if it should be 16..).

If you need any more of my settings, ill be happy to help. Currently i have no speed issues, as far as i can see.

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