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uTorrent n00b, need some help


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i'm a uTorrent n00b

until now, i had been using BitComet (gr8 client)

for now (48 hours) i'm trying uTorrent

i want to know if some of the follow things will be in uTorrent, or they are and i just don't know how to use them:

1 - DHT Network

2 - Multiple tracker

3 - pop-up window on new torrents (like in BitComet, very helpfull thing)

4 - view only downloading/seeding torrents (like comet)

i also have one strange thing

i'm using protowall (ip filter)

while i used BitComet the blocking ip rate was high

after switching to uT the block rate is low....

one last thing

i'm using a cable 1.5 net = 160/16 (yes, i know its bad)

what are the best settings for me?

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