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New connection - 2 new problems


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I see my self as pretty good at stuff like torrents and computers, but now I have a problem. The other is more a question ;)

Firstly, my connection on 24 megabit, is too fast for my computer. I have tried with cache, but that doesn't help, I always run out of RAM. I think I know how to fix it, but not how it could be done. The first part goes pretty well, but around 10 megabit, my cache/RAM gets maxed out (256 MB in the computer, 130 for cache).

The problem is it keeps getting new pieces and never finishes the others, so I end up with 130 MB unfinished pieces and thus no write to the hdd. Question is, can I make µtorrent limit the number of pieces? Because if I can, my problem is as good as solved. If not, what's your idea of a solution? Right now I'm running some 5 megabit for torrents and the other 19 just sits there - no fun!

And the second problem/question is that I have a constant download of around 2 kB/s. There is no active torrents and I have never seen anything like this before. I don't have DHT active, so it can't be that and it seems like a lot for just tracker scrapes (since they aren't constant). Is this bad or normal???

Thanks in advance, I know you guys have a fix =P


I was working on the problem myself and managed to fix the speed problem. Turning of cache and lowering the number of connection did the trick. Computer was pretty slow for a while, but I can live with that. To bad it all ended with this, http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y257/Snapphane/torrentproblem.png. Not sure where it got those MBs from and it's still working on writing to the hdd. I don't think this is how µtorrent should work, so please help me =) No fun in downloading, if you have to wait longer for the last % to be written, then it took to get the whole torrent!

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