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All of my torrent speeds are at 0.0 kB/s, what's wrong???


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Alright, basically on my old computer I have been using torrents for quite some time, but I never was to advanced at it. I recently got a new computer, and installed a torrent program (utorrent).

I forwarded all of the ports correctly, on both my router AND firewall, I've also shutdown my firewall completely and uninstalled it completely, althought changing nothing with the speeds.

On the bottem of the program the status bar (atleast I think that's what it's called) is a green check mark.

So basically, I have no download speed whatsoever (maybe the slightest) and I have NO idea the problem...

I'd really appreciate it if someone would help me out (and like i said, I'm not really advanced in torrents, so if someone asks me what the setting of so and so is, I'd like it if they'd tell me where to find so and so).

Thank you.

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