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Armenian translation


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@all: as I can see in µTS, there are 19.09% done for Armenian translation

What has been done up to now? You can get it here: (Armenian = language no. 59 acc. to http://www.utorrent-deutsch.de/downloads/utorrent-languages.txt)

http://utorrent.com/translate/index.php?action=download&id=4470〈=59 (build 4470 is the last one in µTS, for utorrent 1.7.3 up to 1.7.5)

After that you can email Firon@utorrent.com for helping on armenian, tell him your emailadress for login to µTS and your nick (as you can see here too http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=282722#p282722 )

If you have any problems with the translation or with µTS, just read and search the forums a little bit ...

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This thread is from nov 2007 but I can see that the translation is far from complete.

I translated a few things and the file is on my drive for now.

Also, I "worded" in western armenian.

Emailing Firon@utorrent.com

հետաքրքրված եք?


You need to have uTorrent 1.7.7.

Պէտք է որ uTorrent 1.7.7 ունենաք:

This is Western Armenian (minor differences between western and eastern)

Ասիկա արեւմտահայերէն է

This is not a full translation. Maybe 20%... I'm not sure.

Ասիկա լման դարքմանութիւն չէ: Կարէլի 20%... Վստահ չէմ:


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If your language is not listed here or translation status is less than 80% (check it here), feel free to email firon@utorrent.com with your email adress for registration to the µTS (µTorrent Translation System), your nickname here in the forums and the language which you want to translate or help with.

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