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Hi, I just increased my connection speed. I'm now on 1.5meg download / 256 uploads.

I've run the utorrent settings optimiser and got the following results:

Network Options › Global maximum upload rate: 23

Network Options › Alternate upload rate: 28

Network Options › Global maximum download rate: 177

Torrent Options › Global maximum number of connections: 256

Torrent Options › Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 32

Torrent Options › Number of upload slots per torrent: 5

Advanced Options › net.max_halfopen: 128

(I've also used the TCP/IP patch and it is set to 50)

I've used these settings, but the highest download speed I can get is around 85, but it is generally fluctuating between 45-65 [the torrents I am using are not the problem]

However, I connect via a wireless router (ports are all forwarded correctly - i'm green), but I was wondering if the fact that I'm connecting via wireless means that I can't actually reach the max speeds that I could if I was connected via a cable?

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OK, so i've patched TCPIP.sys to 100 and set net.max_halfopen to 80. I then restarted my computer. When I started utorrent I got good speeds (I was sitting at around 80k/Bs). However, after about 5 minutes the speed kept declining; it went all the way down to 0.1k/Bs, and then went up again and is now sitting at around 15k/Bs and has been for about the last 10 minutes. What is going on? Are my connections saturated?

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OK, so far so good. I probably shouldn't say this because i'll jinx things :/ but at the moment my speeds seem to have stabilised. So now I want to back up my settings. The FAQ says I need to make a copy of the entire %AppData%\uTorrent folder. Stupid question - where is the %AppData%\uTorrent folder??? [i've looked in the utorrent program files on my computer but can't seem to find that folder...? I've also looked for C:\WINDOWS\Application Data but there is no 'application data' folder in my windows folder...?]

p.s. sorry for asking so many annoying questions. I'm still a novice at all of this but i'm trying hard to learn and I do read the guides and other posts before asking. Hope i'm not being too annoying *cringe*

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Even with your improved connection, you really can't get more than a few torrents running at once before something/someone really suffers.

With a normal upload rate of 23 KB/sec and 5 upload slots per torrent, that means even with just 1 torrent running that each person downloading from you at any given instant gets 4.6 KB/sec average. (That's assuming upload stays 100% maxed out, which it almost never does.)

Were there 3 torrents active, that 23 KB/sec is split 15 ways (5 upload slots times 3 torrents)...so each person downloading from you is getting only 1.53 KB/sec. At that point, others are probably uploading faster to them and they will often give little to nothing to you in return!

An improvement would be to reduce upload slots to 3 or 4. (3 if you run more than 3 torrents at once.)

And set max torrents to no higher than 4.

Then, you can reduce max connections to only 120 and raise connections per torrent to 40, so EACH torrent is likely to go faster than before.

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