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I run a tracker and have recently been having issues with some clients including uTorrent (up to and including the latest version).

We record all downloads via a php script. It simply records the torrentid, userid and the date the download was completed.

The database is sent a simple script when the client sends the tracker an Event of Completed.

Everything works okay with the script, however, just recently some clients have appeared to be sending multiple completes to the tracker. Now, not being a coder (other than PHP, etc), I do not know if it's a tracker issue or whether its a client issue.

With this in mind, could you tell me the critieria for uTorrent sending a Completed event? Is there anyway it could send it twice, for example, if our php scripts were busy at the time, would it re-send or simply ignore the fact it couldn't register a Completed event with the announce script?

I'm a bit puzzled over this one!

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Which means that if the tracker isn't around, it doesn't get the event.

So, in theory, if the tracker is down or the announce.php script is busy at the point of the completed announcement, the Completed event will not be recorded.

With that in mind then, I'm thinking the issue lies with the client. However, if this is the case, then why has the issue only started to appear in the last month or so, but not before.

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