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Seeding ratio question


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Hi all,

I have set uTorrent to seed to a ratio of 100%, to ignore seeding time, and to limit the upload rate to 0 when the seeding goal is reached.

I have noticed that if the download is not yet completed, uTorrent can exceed the seed ratio of 100%, and that seeding will only cease once the download has completed.

I have a reasonably fast connection so it is not unusual for my peers to be uploading from me faster than I am downloading from them. Unfortunately, my ISP has upload as well as download caps and I frequently get capped because I have exceeded my upload cap without hitting my download cap :(

Can anyone confirm if this is expected/correct behavior? Is there anything I can do to stop seeding when I have uploaded the same amount as the filesize I am downloading?



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If you have monthly bandwidth caps, you'll get better results reducing your upload speed max from about 80% max bandwidth to as low as 40% max bandwidth. Reason being: every overload counts AGAINST your monthly limit but doesn't help your upload:download ratio (or any downloaders) any!

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Uh huh, I see. Thanks Ultima.

Does anyone know if this is integral to the way torrents work (eg. Is it a requirement of the protocol that you can not continue to download a file if you are not concurrently offerring to upload the same file), or is it dependent on how the torrent client is implemented?

Sorry, I'm sort of new to torrents and don't know the ins-and-outs of them yet.

Cheers, Rick.

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