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utorrent stopped working yesterday for no reason


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everything has been working fine for months now until i rebooted yesterday and ever since utorrent just says updating for the tracker status, no matter what changes i make it doesnt affect anything, any help would be appreciated, also i tried other clients and they worked fine, it seems to be only utorrent doing this, i've tried changing the settings, reinstalling, etc, etc, but still nothing

i've included a screenshot


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Firon: well arent you a bundle of wonderfulness... dumbass, learn to read, i said in my original post i didnt change anything until after it stopped working and also fyfi i ALREADY patched tcpip.sys long before anything happening, utorrent 1.6 stopped working for no reason, then i used 1.5 for a few days without problem and now im uing 1.6 again with no problems, i didnt make any changes like RE-patching the tcpip.sys or any of the advanced settings, i simply changed from 1.6 to 1.5 then back to 1.6 and everything is lovely

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The OS is Windows XP PRO SP2. I have the same problem - uTorrent 1.6 enters "updating ..." the tracker and nothing more happens. I thought it happend after having installed third party applications and rebooting the system. Now I have to use Azureus 2.5.

I could not understand how to resolve the problem. And more specifically what does "Repatch TCPIP.sys" mean?


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(The problem is: having started a torrent file, uTorrent enters "updating..." status and nothing changes.)

I will continue working on the problem but what I have already done was:

1) installed the latest TCPIP.sys

2) installed uTorrent 1.5.1 build 466 - the same behaviour as uTorrent 1.6

3) decreased almost every parameter values (connections, speed, halfOpen ...)

The results are: (the behavior did not changed)

Speed Test Result - 5000 / 1788 (Kbps)

Checking port 22425 on - OK! Port 22425 is open and accepting connections.

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While in status "updating..." I did a connection check:

Attempting connect to: port 22425



I tried net.max_halfopen:

4, 100 - the same result - not working!


It is obvious: uTorrent waits in status "updating..." for an event it does not see after, maybe, my having installed some "third party applications". They were Real Player 10, FireFox, and Win32OpenSSL-v0.9.6m.

I have removed them, but even after that the new uTorrent (1.6, 1.5) instalation does not work!


Ultima: "And do tell us what firewall you're using."

I use the Windows XP SP2 Firewall. But as it is seen from the results I have already posted the two independable port forwarding checks have passed.


uTorrent 1.6 is now working!

What I have done was:

First, uTorrent has already assigned automatically port on the router and it worked fine even in this everlasting status "updaiting…"

I assigned the values uTorrent has already used for the parameter net.outgoing_port and my internal static IP address to net.bind_ip, net.outgoing_ip.

I this situation the router reported the (uTorrent) port been used by another service.

So, I reset (in uTorrent) all these parameters to the default values (empty and net.outgoing_port=0).

Then I corrected the port assignment in the router.

Finally uTorrent is working now.

Obviously, uTorrent needed a forced reassignment of the port and/or (I can not say) IP addresses.

Ultima: Holy smokes Batman, that was a super quintuple-post. Use the Edit link next time :o

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