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u torrent downloader speeder


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Get TCP Optimizer from www.speedguide.net instead!

Use minimal server connections (like 2-5) on the 2nd window when you configure it to your connection...or it may overload window's half-open connection limit!

For my computer, it increased regular download speeds from about 40 KB/sec to over 500 KB/sec.

(I have a fast cable connection that my computer with its default settings was NOT taking advantage of!)

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i have been reading comments on torrent sites and people say that most of these speeders are full of spyware and the like.

one of the comments said that it is a proper program but the up loaders seem to add in spyware and other stuff.

who makes this software cos i would like to judge for myself..?

I'm useing Torrent exccelerator Called

Universal Torrent accelerator. by Tomba Software.

Its Free.

Seems to work for me by keeping a constent steaddy

download speed. and i've got a crapy internet connection.

give it a go and let me no

Thanks-a-mil for the info.all the same

most help full.

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