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Must do how much seeding?


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Trying to understand seeding.

Yes, I did read





Once downloading completes, then seeding 'only' begins.

Seeding by itselftakes a long time.

- - -

My Questions : How long are we required to seed?

- Until seeding oompletes -

- Until seeding is more than what we downloaded -

- Until seeding is ½ way through -

Thanks much in advance,


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That's what I mostly do now. Thanks for your quick reply!

Letting them upload doesn't seem to slow down computer wk, even though some of this seeding is ~ 1 day.

I'm new but I already DLd 27 elements.

For the first 10 I only waited until ½ way seeding before zapping'em.

Did I do a very bad thing? I am contrite! How can I make amends?


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