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From Bitcomet to uTorrent with the impact of terrible upload speeds


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I know there are a lot of topics concerning bad upload speeds, but I have not found any solution for my problems.

Before you referring to all the internal and external speed guides you should know I've tried out all of them.

I've forwarded the port, etc etc.

I got a synchronic VDSL connection with 12mbit download rate and 9mbit upload.

I've downloaded the same torrent and seeded it from booth Bitcomet and uTorrent.

I have the same port settings on both clients etc so no reconfiguring in my router is necessary (I'm not using any software firewall).

Bitcomet seeds the file with a constant speed of 600kB/s but when seeding the same (or any other file) with uTorrent my upload speed is very irregular and peaks at a maximum of 100kB/s (and that's rare most of the time I get speeds around 5-10kB/s). Also in Bitcomet a large number of peers connects but in uTorrent on one of several seems to be connected.

My download speed rocks though.

Can someone help me out here, seems like I've tried everything but hopefully I suck at something.



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