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NAT Error - was working


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OK, trying to follow the rules, here's the required information.

I'm getting a red indicator in uTorrent 1.6 (Not Connectable). Prior to yesterday evening I was getting green.

I have a DSL connection that tests at 500bps. The suggested site for testing speed would not work for me and tryied to tellme that my IE6 browser does not support Java. I ahd just downloaded the latest Sun Java plugin and enabled it, disabling the Mircrosoft javas. (All that is probably a problem for another forum).

I'm running XP Pro SP2.

I have a Cisco 678 DSL modem connceted to a Linksys WRT54G router. I just upgraded the firmware of the WRT54G to the 1.00.9 version. Also in the line connecting my UTorrent machine to the internet is a Linksys BEFW11S4 (also with a recent firmware upgrade to 1.45.10). This router has been configured to function as a hub. I run Norton AV but uTorrent was running fine with it before. Windows firewall is off.

I have forwarded port 57770 from the 678 to the WRT54G, which in turn forwards the port to my uTorrent PC. When I run the port forwarding test it fails.

My ISP is Xmission and I don't know if they do malicious traffic shaping.

So, my obvious question is what do I need to do to get the green light. The only things that changed since things were working fine that I am aware of are: 1) WRT54G firmware upgrade, 2) BEFW11S4 firmware upgrade, 3) there was a very breif drop in power last evening but enough to force everything to reboot. I've since brought everything down and up agin in an orderly fashion.

I've been having other issues with uTorrent that I posted prior to all this but don't know it they are related (Non-uTorrent Apps Won't Start)

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Yes I'm sorta getting the same problem, is yours the red apostrophe icon or the one at the start of torrent. Mines is at the bottom of the page instead of the green tick, I've got no replies yet to my question, the first bit was a bit childish and when I added a second question it was joined to the other with a minor complaint from the editor to use my editing tools, very, very helpful it was in my querie.

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It's at the bottom.

Off topic --> UTorrent (and bitTorrent when I was using it) is driving me nuts. It seems to have a large negative impact on my machine in that other things stop working properly. I usually have to re-boot when I shut it down. I'm in the process of doing a network upgrade and will be rebuilding all my PCs. I might just build a stand alone for nothing but torrent down/up loading.

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