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Accessing via port xxxxxx


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Okay, so I decided to see what would happen if I tried to connect to a user via the port copied in utorrent.

He was connected to me downloading a patch I uploaded to a tracker, and this got copied to the clipboard:

221.220.**.**:49157 (last two octects removed for protection).

I promptly pasted this in my browser, and I was asked to download a file, and these were the contents:


I'm sorry if this is a repost, I had no effing clue on what to search for. So, I appologize if this is a repost.

Wtf is this?

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Thank you. I was curious as to if it was the WebUI or something, as if there was something major I was missing. Maybe someone will decrypt the data now, and figure out what I was uploading exactly!! =p

I have another bug report. It's my first one, and I wasn't left clueless! Hah. Thanks for your support man.

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