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I'm new to Utorrent and I have a question


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Well i've been using azureus for a while and i want to try something different. A program that doesn't eat up so much memory. Which one should I dl from utorrent. There's a standalone and a intallation package? what are the difference between the 2?

Second what are the difference between other torrent programs such as Azureus, utorrent and others like bitcomet and what not.

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The installation package install itself and contains also the language pack.

For the standalone version you must create a folder, move the .exe file there and then execute it.

µTorrent is simply lighter, faster, accepted (even recommended) by all major private trackers and, generally, better.

To avoid any problems read this first: http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php

Good luck!

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