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Limited speed at 30 kB/s


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After a crash caused by an electrical breakdown, I found Utorrent (1.6 b474) strange.

One question is related with download speed. Last week I reached download speed of 380 kB/s. Now, with only 13,7% of the file completed, getting 8 seeders and 42 (of 47) peers more advanced than me, I am only getting 30 kB/s download speed. Not more, not less: exactly 30 kB/s.

What is going on?!

Thanks for any tip.

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Hi there, I had exactly the same situation before. My download was limited to 6kB/s only and there was this Download Limited message in the status bar.

At first I thought it was due to downloading stuff that used demonoid.com tracker eventhough I am not a demonoid.com member.

Then, I check the upload limit settings and found that I accidently set it to 1kB/s only. Change it to 35kB/s as I have a 384kbps upload connection and the problem gone.

Check your upload speed, it might well be the problem.

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