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Moved computers


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i recently got a new computer

and i wanted my utorrent to be moved

so... is there any special way to do this?

cuz, i got the app data and put it in the application data folder

now when i open utorrent, every one of my torrents shows the same thing: Error: Can't open .torrent file *location of torrent*

when i try to add a new torrent, nothing happens

please help cuz i got like.. 40+ downloads and about 225 total torrents (which i want to seed) so downloading all of them is probably my last option with reinstalling utorrent

someone please help! uah!

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i set the output location to the same place (the same folder on ext hdd)

if you mean to set each torrent individually, that seems to be impossible....

the option does not appear

in the options, it says that you can choose to store the torrents in a folder (i did not choose to use this option)

on my old computer, if i choose this option now, will the torrents be automatically transfered or will it only be for new torrents?

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