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What do I do now?


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Ok, I found the "Force Recheck" feature and restarted the Torrent.

Oddly, all of the previously downloaded files don't appear under the "Files" tab. However, I know they're there. Am I expecting too much?

Will UTorrent eventually recognize the previously received files and only retrieve the ones still needed. Or will it need to start again from the begining?

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Thank you for getting back with me Firon.

I was able to figger this on out on my own but here are the ugly details.

Yes, it was user error and the recheck was forced when the USB drive was not connected. Therefore, the target directory was unavailable and the existing torrent files boundaries/block numbers could not be verified.

When the drive was reconnected the target directory became available and the download restarted. But, the existing files in the target directory had not been rechecked. The previously downloaded blocks no longer appeared under the "Files" tab of the UTorrent app for this reason.

A subsequent "Force Recheck" rediscovered the apparently missing files in the target directory and UTorrent is now proceeding with the remaining organized download.

I'm impressed. And I don't impress easily.

Well done gentleman…..

I hope this post helps others who might be 37 hours into a download with 18 to go....

Captain Bob...

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