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Max speed about 15kbs


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Hope someone can help. I have utorrent 1.6 build 474. I have followed the setup guide and forwarded the port. I have set my network connection to the static IP as described. I have turned off the routers firewall. I never turn on Windows SP SP2 firewall.

My router is a Belkin Wireless G F5D7230-4, I opened port 19262

There is absolutely no difference with speed. If I am downloading anything else with any other application I get about 100-150 kbs... Oh! I also turned off Norton Anti-Virus & SpySweeper software.

I do find it amusing tho... that some kid in Uzbekistan can pierce my firewalls/routers/ etc. without my permission and assistance and after 6 months with uTorrent and the help of many folks I cannot pierce this Windows XP/ router wall that seems to be a sieve to every other application.

Oh! I do not get a green light in bar, never new it could be green it has said and still says... "not connectable - you have firewall/router yada yada... open port so others can see you."

Help! I would appreciate any assitance or suggestions..


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