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UTorrent won't connect to any seeders but uploads?


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I have setup Utorrent as in the guide, forwarded port, and removed firewalls but still cant download. My download speed is 0.0 KB/s but upload is working at 10 KB/s as I configured it. I have DHT working and connected to 290 nodes. I also have seeders available and peers but won't connect to any seeders?

In the tracker I have been getting the following errors;

Failure: You are using your maximum allowed number of download slots [0] OR Failure: Failiure: invalid ukey. Redownload the torrent from http://www.blackcats-games.net (I have done so but didn't change anything!)

Other tracker error such as;tracker status: connection closed by peer.

Can anyone tell me how to connect to more seeders if that is the problem. If not then please any advise or any link I have searched lots but no luck!

My system is CPU : AMD Athlon XP 2600+ 2130 MHz

RAM size : 511.48 MB

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)


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Hi, and thanks for replying. I am a bit unsure on how to set the Queueing . At the moment it says:

1.Maximum of active torrent is 10 and maximum of active download is 10.

2.Seed while ratio <= 150% or seeding time (ignored). There lots of seeders and peers but it is not connecting to any of them!

3.I left boxes for (Seeding task has a higher proiorty) and (limit the upload rate when torrent has reached the seeding goa)l unchecked.

Howerver I am getting download speed of less than 10 KB/S and DHT is green tick. I patched using the tcpip.syit was successful but still can't download higher thyan 10 KB/s!

I have tried un/install befoe but that did not change much things!

Please help?


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