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Speed less or equal to 10 KB/s? please help?


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Hi, I am a bit unsure on how to set the Queueing . At the moment it says:

1.Maximum of active torrent is 10 and maximum of active download is 10.

2.Seed while ratio <= 150% or seeding time (ignored). There are lots of seeders and peers but it is not connecting to any of them!

3.I left boxes for (Seeding task has a higher proiorty) and (limit the upload rate when torrent has reached the seeding goa)l unchecked.

Howerver I am getting download speed of less than 10 KB/S and green ticked DHT. I patched using the tcpip.sy it was successful but still can't download higher than 10 KB/s!

I have tried un/install UTorrent before but that did not change anything!

Please help! or if you of any links?


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µTorrent should now be set properly for your connection. You can test your speed with any torrent of your choice. Here are a couple of torrents that are particularly good for testing your connection:

Slackware 10.2 torrent, one of the many Linux distributions, is great to test since it is hosted on dedicated servers. It will max out your internet connection within a few minutes (10-15 on average).

Open Office is a free, open-source, multi-platform, multi-language office suite. Like Slackware, it will max your connection very quickly, not to mention being a useful application to have around.

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Tracker status is working. The maximum download speed is 50 KB/s, and the upload speed 12KB/s. I am connected to 55 seedes pout of 58 and 3 peers out of 75.

DHT status: announce in 17 minutes (got 10 peers).

What do you think, is this because the torrent I am trying to download uses private tracker?

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