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Scale in Speed Graph should stay the same


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Hi !

I am enjoying utorrent so far.

I like the idea of a Speed Graph, but...

... it is useless with the current behavior, ie with the left-hand (vertical) scale changing all the time.

The left-hand (vertical) scale should stay the same.

Then you can see at a glance if the speed has gone up or down.

If the scale keeps changing, it's just a pretty picture rather than a "graphic" indication.

BTW, the top value in the left-hand (vertical) scale should be the maximum global download speed for utorrent at a whole - set by the user in the Preferences.

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I have to disagree. I like the current functionality. I have a 5Mbit connection, and sometimes I'll max that out and sometimes I'll be lucky to get 5KB/s. That's almost 2 orders of magnitude difference. Having the graph max out at 5Mbit then look like almost nothing a few minutes later doesn't tell me anything about what the data looks like right now. I don't care that at some point 12 hours ago I saturated my bandwidth. That's not useful to me right now. And really, the graph only contains the last few minutes worth of data, so why have it reflect a data rate that may have happened before then?

Now, having said that, it would be nice to have some sort of long-term (read: last-hour, last-day, last-week) RRD-type graphs. I wouldn't say crucial, but it would be nice. This would work out especially well in combination with the scheduled rate-limiting, I think.

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Wanted to reaffirm this thread - my thought is the graph needs adjustment. Works fine now, and it isn't an essential nor integral feature, but would be more useful if some options were available. Auto-scaling is fine for great variations in connection speed, but my dsl ranges from 0-80KBps and that's what i'd like the graph to be at. custom time scales / colors would be welcomed, but again, the graph is not the most important feature.

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An annoying thing about the auto-scaling is if you're showing download and upload speeds at the same time...on common assymetric lines the upload graph is so tiny that even huge changes on it are almost invisible.

I have my download speed set at 400-600 KB/sec but my upload speed set at 42 KB/sec at most. The upload plot looks almost the same whether it's uploading at 42 KB/sec or 30 KB/sec -- yet that represents a HUGE difference in terms of my actual bandwidth.

Also, the graph resizes to the max download speed setting even when that value is 'ridiculous' in most torrenting. I seldom see more than 100 KB/sec, even though I have the download speed max set at 400 KB/sec or more!

I do occassionally reach my download speed max, but my upload speeds suffer immensely if I don't cap download speed max then!

One last thing, the graph is really missing time interval lines, so you can glance at it and tell how LONG a peak or trough lasts instead of having to guess.

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