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Will µtorrent DL/UL when ...


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hey guys,

I hope this isnt a repost ..

I want to make sure that µtorrent is still working in the background when i press 'Windows+L' .. for those who dont know .. this allows XP to have multiple users logged on simultanously. When using this feature, the programs of the still logged on user are supposed to be working, or processing even when u log onto another user account .. (this is totally different from using the 'Log Off' option)

I used to have a prob with this with bitorrent a while back .. it used to not work .. (it used to work with the very original bittorrent)

the reason i want this is so that i can prevent anybody else from using that computer while it is still downloading .. i have just one user account on that computer .. and it is pass protected ..

if it currently doesnt allow this type of processing, what do i need to do inorder to get it to work that way.

this would be a great alternative to the "run as service" request peeps are asking about .. With this feature u just logon, start the program (auto start if u have set it so), and the press 'Windows+L'. :-)



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