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Help me, plz Help old Santa


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'Ey.. I had this inGENIUS software for a couple of months now and it works GREAT!

And I could download up to 300kb/s

But then a couple of weeks ago I got myself a new Firewall McAfee, and I've only ever been able to get 30kb/s EVEN when the firewalll is disabled !!!

I've tjecked the Mcafee options, and I saw that it was blocking the port I use on Utorrent, but anyways it shouldn't be blocking it when it is disabled should it??! When I start Utorrent there is a little yellow sign at the bottom wich says something like "if this doesn't turn green somethign might be blocking you connections" or something like that, and the it turns RED ! bad sign???

Please help me, if you know how to make McAfee stop blocking the port, or you maybe know the real solution to my problem plz tell me.

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pfffff...... McAfee is the best firewall I've ever had, it has never allowed any virus or anyother effections to enter my system,

And I already told it to allow all incoming connections from Utorrent ! D'; this can't be right!

Last night I also found out that I someSHIThow, lost all my seeders!!!!!! but I'm still uploading to 300 people ?:

plzz, tell me there is another way beside uninstalling McAfee.

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"it has never allowed any virus or anyother effections to enter my system,"

thats what YOU believe! German Hackers from the CCC has more then once shown that it's technicaly quite easy to circumvent the "protection" that personal firewalls offer.

All what those aditional programms successfully do, is interfering with ligitimate programms that want to communicate uninterfered (like µT for example!).

(properly written) Malware does not care about those PFWs.

And no, there is NO way beside uninstalling it in the end, because those PFWs make changes to the parts of windowsdrivers that control how communication with thw outside takes place.

If those changes in your particular setup gives you trouble, then does a simple switch off of the firewall not work, and only the uninstill of the new drivers and reverting of the changes that were made to the windows system will help!

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@SantaClaws: lol a firewall doesn't even block viruses or infections. How about you try actually uninstalling it to see if it helps? And about the light, were you getting a green before installing McAfee?

Edit: http://www.virus.gr/english/fullxml/default.asp?id=82 <-- if you're using McAfee's antivirus, take a look at where it stands anyway.

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