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Question about network status.


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I'm having some issues with my network access symbol.

Most of the times it will show as red, but others it will show as yellow for hours, and today and others it will show as red all day.

I still get good speeds (max download limit on the open office torrent), so it doesn't really concern me, just something I've been wondering about.

I don't run a firewall, Im on a 512/126 connection with XP sp2 and a correctly forwarded port.

Thanks for the help.

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These are the settings I am using for a 512/128 connection.

Global maximum upload rate: 10

Alternate upload rate: 12

Global maximum download rate: 47

Global maximum number of connections: 128

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 16

Number of upload slots per torrent: 2

net.max_halfopen: 64.

Does that seem about right?

And as I said before, Im still getting my speed maxxed out on well seeded torrents, Im just trying to find out why it always seems too say that I have network issues.

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Reduce net.max_halfopen back to the default value of 8.

You'd probably be better off with global maximum number of connections reduced to 60-90 as well. If you're not seeing decent speeds (due to problems) with 40 connections, adding MORE connections often makes the problems worse.

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