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How To set utorrent for torrents?


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Hi, for me this is all really new. Im not used with torrents. So far i dont get downloadrates above 30K ...

But thats not the Problem.

When i started utorrent 1st time i was asked to prompt for set utorrent as default client for torrent-files. I did so.

But now if i click on a torrent link it is still opened in shareaza.

How can i change this?

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I had this same problem with Azureus still installed. I had to go to:

Start/Control Panel/Folder Options

Go to the File Types tab.

Scroll down the Registered Files box til u see Torr.. (Torrent File)

Where it says "Details for torrent extention", see what BitTorrent app it opens with. (Mine still said Azureus) Click "Change", scroll til u find uTorrent, click on it (so its highlighted in blue) and check "always use the selected program...." box

Sometimes U got to set it from here if clients are fighting over torrent files and u dont wanna un-install anything.

Also if u wanna go back n forth between using different BitTorrent appz with no hassels, when u download a .torrent file save it, dont open it. Then go to the .torrent folder and right click the .torrent and chose "open with" and choose the p2p app u wanna open it with. But this time, dont check "always use the selected..." box. This way I can use uTorrent and any BitTorrent app on the same PC easier. I know from experience Shareaza always try to take over .torrent files. Plus when I installed uTorrent and set it as my default, Azureus still opened.

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