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utorrent in vista


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so i am a vista beta tester and i have installed Vista RC1 and it works great

installed nice and runs better than xp!!!!! Now not all software works on it yet and i don't think that has to do with vista

just software developers have to update their programs to run on vista

ok to my point, I Love Utorrent!!! The best bittorrent client ever, but sadly i can't run it on vista rc1

which suxs bad, but Azureus works fine, hmmmm so i have to run azureus (which i don't like that much because it is a resource hog BIG TIME!!!!

Ok i just remember something it will install and run find, but i can't connect to peers or open my ports for utorrent

i don't have a firewall installed (well windows firewall) and i opened the port for utorrent in that, and i have also disabled the firewall to see if that is the problem but it is still a no go.

So what could be the problem, why will it not work right, does it need to have some code rewritten? May i am not doing it right, But i would like to think i am for i have not had a problem like this anyother time. May it is vista, i know they redid there Upnp or whatever it is called, so if that is the case would the code for utorrent just need to be fixed in a few spots to make it work right?

well i can't answer anyof these questions so i come to you, the people that make utorrent to help out us Vista user out to make this work, i know vista is still in RC1, but this is what vista is goin to be like so i think this problem will still be there when the final version of vista is released

thanks for reading this and i hope a fix for utorrent come really soon


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