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How do Export Torrents from existing downloads?


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Due to a HD Failure I lost both the original torrent file, and also the backup torrent uTorrent automatically saves. I however still have uTorrent and it is still downloading the torrent fine. Is there a way to save/recover the .torrent file from the current download?

Azerus and BitComet both have the function, but I can't seem to find it in uTorrent.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I already checked there. I have no .torrent files there. My Default backup torrent save path is on my data drive, not my system or download drive.

I just had to re-find the torrent again. Fortunately most of them are still in circulation.

uTorrent worked fine while it was on. When I had to reboot to adjust my hardware, the downloads no longer worked since it couldn't find the original torrent files.

guess I should put the .torrent backup path the same as the system drive, and also don't delet the original torrent file till I know I won't use it again. I didn't know uTorrent need the original files to work, since none of the cilents I used before did.

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