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The way to fix all speed issues (in my case)


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Wow, i just made a remarkable discovery for me! for about 1 year i have had shitty conection speeds, and today it was a breakthrough. Ive had speeds ranging from 1kbs - 40kbs (on a good day) Like today... a file was going 40kbs max, i did this little thing, now its going 200+kbs and all over one simple thing. HOPE it works for you too!

Go options - Preferences - BitTorrent - and set

Global Max Connections - 0

Max # of peers per torrent - 0

Thats it! Problem solved. Good Luck

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That simply removed the limit on those...which before must have been VERY low to cause such problems.

However running with NO limit will cause more speed issues for you and others.

Have you tried using Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choosing the UPLOAD speed that closely matches your connection?

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