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:) Trackers and their troubles (less poetic request)


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I have a tracker list which I add to every download, in order to increase availability.

Now some of those are already in the list.

It would be nice when exact duplicates in the list would automatically be removed.

And on that topic, also something about colour coding in the tracker list.

Green for working properly.

Red for not working properly.

This could make life a lot easier. (But I guess yours not so, since you would

have to implement these changes, but then again you do want hints for improvement.)


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i know people who adds a lot of trackers, most of them dead trackers or "need correct passkey" trackers, that really isnt helpful seeing as how reconnecting to every tracker to get another "need correct key" isnt gonna help the torrent increasing availability

why would you need colors for the status of the trackers? u either read at them on the general tab or see a sign sayin it is/isnt working

i thought it already deleted the double trackers anyway hmmm...

that should be useful thou

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To Firon

Sometimes a download is only available from certain trackers at specific times.

The addition of the trackers I perform increases availability; I would not do so otherwise.

Especcially to threads that are near death.

Thanx anyway for actually reading.

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