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the down pointing red arrow


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well i'm kinda new on this program but had someone helping me with it to get all the settings correct before i begon downloading anything.

well according to him everything was OK had my port open, controlled etc. but when i start downloading it kept that stupid red arrow and an tracker status error: HTTP error 404.

and i was wondering if it's just the file i'm downloading or is it a wrong setting or something?

thanks for any help given

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I'm also having a problem with the down pointing red arrow!!

It's still downloading, but the average downing speed is 35.0 kb/s...slow right? The seeds also change frequently... there are lots available, but the highest i get is 30 then they go down to 18... =/

Before this i have downloaded succesfully and i could open them too!

How do you guys understand these kind of programs?

Thanks if you can help me!


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