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Trouble with harddisk consumption


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Intel 4, Dell Dimension 2400, Windows XP Home edition service pack 1, 2.8GHz.

Once I had X memory left in Harddisk, began download of a 2 GB archive, the memory went down to X - 2 GB, which is right since seeing the download folder it creates the 2GB size from start and as it downloads it, it goes filling the contents. But when I saw the torrent wasn't good enough and deleted it, refreshed the explorer, the free memory reported hadn't return to X, it kept being X - 2 GB. And so was next day. As if the deletion of data, which no more shows in explorer had not done right.

Deleting a few other completed torrents I didn't want to keep has ended right: recovering the disk space.

However now I'm finding some thing strange:

I began the download of a huge 25.0 GB file. As I start the download the explorer shows 40.0GB, even after refreshing, and so on for some minutes, until it goes to show 40.0-25.0 = 15.0 GB, as the 25 GB of files have been created. However, I'm seeing how, having not saved any new file to my harddisk, the free space is lowering and has gotten to 14.1 GB.

It's it creating a temporary file between the final file where it stores and the download, that is getting bigger and bigger?. It will reach to ge tmy HD to 0, and then it frees those extra 25 GB?

Though seemingly the free disk is going down faster than the downloading of the files.

Is that what reading from cache does?

I've turn off the options as FAQ suggest in how to change disk cache settings part, but it continues the same way, now it's at 13.1GB.

Is that normal? Is there something I can do to reduce that? When would start to get back to the 40.0-25.0=15.0GB free disk final?

Thanks in advance

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Yes, I had restarted it and kept showing too low memory.

However, today I've seen two new files, and I think one folder has changed size though yesterday it didn't show. It may be that not all files were created in start and some have begun downloading later and is then when they're created? Also I know for sure all but one have the same size than start, as for the last folder I think it hasn't changed either so the problem exists, but I'm not 100% sure. So I'll write down the files and sizes and have it downloading today.

EDIT: No, I've written down the files and sizes. Certainly it seems some files it's waiting to start downloading them to create the placeholder file; but right now all big files that would justify a loss of 0.1GB are created, the only file that isn't yet created is 1.7 MB

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Ah, sorry, custom to use same word. Answering to the questions above:

I run disk cleanup rarely, every various months, last was more than half year ago.


But, seeing the free disk space keeps going down I've tested not after five hours of download that two foders of the torrent download, while having the same number of files (as there's no more to get there) has in fact increased the size accordingly to the free disk space reduction. Have not checked how the file sizes have changed though, had not the patience to write down each file's size this morning. Guess that's to be done now.

Thanks for the answers :)

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Nope, none.

After that CHKDSK run, I still have to run it with write permissions to solve the problems it found, those 0.3 GB of free disk recovered after the first run, disappeared again, but the kept stable at that for all the evening. Today it went up 0.1 GB and no again 0.1 down. Apparently stable.

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