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Not Connectable (amber icon with "!")


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I started with the yellow triangle and now moved to the round amber icon with "!" in the middle.

I have Verizon DSL with around average 700/133 speeds

WindowsXP, No firewall (microsoft's FW disabled, no other software firewalls installed)

I currently have my router disconnected (removed) because I am trying to isolate the problem.

I can get excellent speeds (90kB down, 12 kB up) considering I have DSL

The speed guide says my port is not fowarded correctly, but how can this be?

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My modem is indeed a combo. It is a Westell 6100 (E90-610015-06 to be exact).

They have my modem listed at portforward but it is not interactive like i think it is supposed to be (tried with IE and firefox).

The modem looks to be setup in bridge mode not PPPoE. I am very ignorant to what that means at this point.

What I want to do is get this modem to act only like a modem and not a router because I have a wireless router that I want to connect to it and handle my port forwarding stuff.

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Thanks for the help. I finally got this working. I'm going to give a quick overview of what I did for any others that had a problem with the Westell 6100 and router. I am not sure if this is the easiest way to get this working, but it's functional anyway.

Within the Westell router ( goto configuration/DNS configuration. Athe bottom there is "Discovered Local Devices". You should see your router listed there with name and IP address. My router was temporarily assigned "". Now goto the middle section titled "Static Host Assignment" and ADD in the router name and the current IP address. Your router should not be assigned that IP permanently.

Next, still within the modem, goto Configuration/Service Configuration and click the "define custom service". Under service name put in Utor1 and then under "Global Port Range" insert your ports (from the Utorrent program), you need to put in the same port number in both the boxes. Do the same for "Base Host Port" (same port as in global). Select TCP radio button. Click next then close.

Follow the above paragraph to set up the UDP. The only difference is name the next one different (Utor2) and click the UDP radio instead of the TCP button. The ports will me the same as the TCP.

Now the modem will forward the ports correctly to your router. You'll need to into your router and forward these same ports. Use www.portforward.com as a resource for your router/modem.

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