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Weird Port Forwarding Question...


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Ok ive been just pulling my hair out over this all night..

Was setting up utorrent on another pc tweaked everything.. made sure all the ports were forwarded inside my router (D-Link DGL4300) just like it is on the other 2 damn machines im currently running utorrent on.

Anyways 53000 for one machine, 53001 for another machine have always worked wonders and havent had any speed or connectivity problems on those 2 machines with those 2 ports.

anyways was setting up the utorrent on my 2nd server and no matter what port i try, i keep getting that stupid freakin Error! Port ????? Does not appear to be open! and have tried around 25 ports to the same error.

Now i do use a software firewall, Sygate Personal Firewall Pro 5.? with advanced rules setup for utorrent and TCP/UDP traffic. Ive done this tons of damn times without a problem before on about 5-7 machines.

each pc is setup with a static IP on the home network, 100,101,102,104,105,110,115 and 120.. only 100-102 are using utorrent. and this one is 102..

now ive tried it without the firewall, with the firewall... I even made sure windows firewall was still disabled in the services.

Anyone have any ideas? could really use some suggestion on this.

Thanks in advanced ;)

EDIT* forgot to add hardware/software config

Computer is running...

Windows XP Pro Sp2

512mb Ram

Gigabit NIC (Full Home Gigabit Network)

Sygate Personal Firewall Pro 5.?

Utorrent 1.6

D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless G/Gigabit Router

Comcast 10/768 Cable

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