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Moving uTorrent 1.6 to another machine


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First post, don´t be too harsh on me :)

I'm trying to move uTorrent from on old computer to a new one as painlessly as possible. The problem is that i am seeding some 120 Gb of files that are located in a dedicated NAS, and the connection between the NAS and the new computer in the basement is very slow (5 Mbps, a domestic powercable network).

I am using two different procecures with the same result:

1.- The migration guide in this site (very well written, thank you!!)

2.- Just copy the old uTorrent "settings and log" files, ensuring that both the torrent and the downloaded files are in the correct locations

Both methods work equally well, but the new uTorrent client always needs to go through the "checking files" stage, that with 120 Gb of files and the slow connection takes forever...Even if I move the new machine closer to the NAS, maximum network throughput is 40 Mbps (a limitation in my NAS).

So the question is if there is someone who knows some "trick" to fool the new uTorrent client into not going through the "checking files" process, which could take some days in my special case. Thanks a lot for your help.

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