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Torrents showing in side bar but nowhere else


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Didn't have any issues with uTorrent previously. Left uTorrent to run the other nght and after the PC froze later I had to turn the PC off at the wall. Now I'm showing in the side status bar as having 6 total torrents, 2 downloading, 4 completing, and all 6 inactive, but no matter which tab on the side I select I can't actually see the torrents in the main section, their progress or any other indications that they're actually there.

I thought I might have somehow managed to change a filter or something (hence why I wouldn't be able to view them) but in options cannot work out anything that I may be able to fix. And most of the technical stuff is a little daunting, I'd prefer not to mess with ports and the like going trial and error, which is why I've come to you knowledgable heads.

It's been like this for over a week, and with a few hundred MB each file, I was more than happy to seed, but I obviously can't afford to keep seeding/downloading forever.

I've tried also to uninstall and re-install uTorrent, as well as delete the torrents themselves, but to no avail.

Sorry if this post is a double-up, I tried to search a few times, but with 16 pages of possibly similar topics, all named random things, it's kinda hard to find which are actually related and which ones only have 1 word the same in them.

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