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uTorrent killed my D-Link DI-604 Router


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After dealing with weeks of LAN disconnects my DI-604 router finally gave out. All switch ports blink on and off constantly and causes the associated Connected / Disconnected messages on each PC connected. I thought it was the router but didn't notice until yesterday that I wouldn't get disconnected from the lan if uTorrent was off. Granted, uTorrent is ALWAYS running as I'm a seeding kick ass ratio grubbing whore. After doing some googling and forum hunting I came across many other users with the same problems. Oddly enough, right before it completely died I had backed up the config to load a new firmware.

I replaced the dlink with an inexpensive (err..cheap) Belkin wireless G router with a 4 port switch. Part Number: F5D7230-4. Does anyone have any issues with uTorrent and this router?


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