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Is the "(Avg. ##kb/s)" in the general tab the swarm avg speed or your own local average speed?

I'm pretty sure it's your own speed.

And I agree a swarm speed indicator would be pretty slick (not necessary of course, I can see when an upload is going sh*t slow :P )

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I don't think its nessassary, most of you wouldn't have care if had not seen it in Azereus before.

A "swarm speed" would be way to inaccurate because it only counts on your own connected peers, and not whole swarm.

i thought that that was the whole idea? if your average swarm speed is less then the speed you're downloading, you're generally getting the files faster. so you would know that if you're getting crappy speeds is because of a network problem, or it's just your swarm that sucks...

+1 to the idea. I miss that feature from Azureus... µTorrent through and through now :D

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