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Certain speed problems


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Hello, I am new to Utorrent, so please be patient with me, as I don't really understand how it works and the functions about the program.

I just started to download a file, it took the computer about 1 minute, before it started downloading. Now, I have 2MB broadband, but the computer is VERY old, which the downloads never normally even reach 200kb/s, although my friend's computer have model computers and always manage to reach the peak. I wonder, is it to do with the old motherboard of mine, that cause the download to go super slow, like 50kb/s when I should have 200kb/s.

As for my problem, the file I'm downloading right now is about 750mb big, the download speed is currently round about 30kb/s. Is there any way that I can try and speed the download rate up? There is a yellow triangle at the bottom, which if I click, it will take me to the speed guide, but then I don't know what to do, I just set it up as 2mbit, though I tried different speeds, and the download speed won't change. Does any one know the solution for me, so that my download can reach the peak speed? And also, does anyone know my download problem, that the download speed never reach very high (I guess this computer is seven years old and have poor connection?).

P.S. Before you say I should get a new computer, I will do as soon as Vista comes, it's just that I want to know whether the speed is to do with my old motherboard or not. Also, what does DHT mean? What is the difference between enable and diable DHT? I've got mine enabled and it has 19 nodes, what on earth does that mean?


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You say that there is a yellow triangle at the bottom. This means that you have a connection problem. Try setting a http proxy if your ISP have one.

Then you say that in the speed guide you set the speed to 2mb. This is wrong. You have to set the upload speed that you have. For example, I have a DSL connection (1024/256). I have to set the xx/256k in the speed guide.

At last, you have to forward a port (if you are behind NAT) or unblock a port (if you have firewall), or both, for incomings connextions. You have to do that, for faster downloads. Faster uploads means faster downloads.

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