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Seeding...54 leerch...and i´m only connecting to 4 of them ?


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I´m wondering if this is normal...

i´m seeding a file... 73 total seeds... and there are 54 total leechers. I¨m only connecting to 3 or 4 of them.... with an upload of 4kBavg (i can upload up to 20kB).

ANy ideas how i can fix this?

My download is great, though.

I have DHT enable and UPnp also enable.

Any ideas ? thanks

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I have the windows firewall but it have a open port for utorrent. (home pc, nothing out of the earth about the connection here) a 2.5mb / 256Kb adsl.

i have a Green sign on the bottom of the window and it says "...your network connection is working like it should..."

any ideas?

Also.. i don´t know what to do.. what is better to have the UPnp and DHT enable or disable?


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You need to read what DHT and UPnP is before you can personally decide if you even need them.

I don't, because I manually port-forwarded my router...and it didn't fully support UPnP anyway.

And the torrents I download either have plenty of sources or don't seem to find any more using DHT anyway.

If you have 2.5mb / 256Kb adsl, you should be able to upload as fast as 25 KB/sec.

Could the problem be the torrents you're on? If a torrent has LOTS of seeds and few peers/leeches, then everyone you want to seed to already has other seeds uploading to them...and may not be interested in you.

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Yeah i guess it is the torrent.... becuase i tried other torrents.... and they do upload fine... This particular torrent... don´t want to upload from me at all :(

Right now there are 58 seeds, 38 leech and i´m connected to only 1 of them :( with an upload of 0.6Kb .. ouch!.

The face is green... so no firewall problem, beside another torrent works fine.. download at 500Kb.. wich is the most i can download and the upload is good...

Could be a problem of this torrent in particular?

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What are complaining about?

Only 38 leechers and 58 seeds available. Thats great. More seeds than leechers. Your utorrent doesnt need to connect to one of the leechers, because they are already downloading from the other seeds. Imagine just one seed has a 100mbit pipe - your upload is just not needed. Most likely a few seeds have fios with fast uploads etc.

utorrent uploads when it is needed.

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