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Incomplete Files? Newbie Seeks Help.


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I'm downloading my first utorrent file ever and on my super slow connection it's taken me several days to download but it's just about done - another twenty minutes or so.

But I was just checking out my progress under the Utorrent "Files" tab and noticed that many of the .rar files, which I thought had finished downloading, are actually listed as being at 97.9 % complete, while others are listed as 100 %. This is giving me a bad feeling. Why are they only partially complete? I've downloaded .rar files before and each one always finishes downloading before the next one begins downloading. Do torrent downloads work differently? Or are my files corrupted? If they are, is there any way I can repair them or finish downloading them?

Any input/advice greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Never mind. I think I figured it out. Torrents don't download each .rar file one at a time, but downloads bits of each .rar file, right? Anyway, it looks like I got them all.

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