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Within 2-3 seconds it drops to 20-30k? Help


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Hello I hope you folks can help me.

Here is my problem.

When I open utorrent to start seeding everything is fine for about 2-5 seconds, after that it drops down to 20-30K on seeds even though I have a 2mb up. Never had this problem before and it seems to lock me up pretty well. I cannot browse, email nothing while this happens.

Downloading is fine, it does not matter which torrent site I am using. Firewall is off and I have done spyware and antivirus checks. All is fine there.

All my settings within utorrent are the same, I have changed nothing. Can anyone give me some advise on what the problem could be. I even tried Azareus to try it out but the same thing happens. I have always used utorrent though.

I appreciate any and all help


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I'd call them up and complain their connection is "crippled to the point of unuseable" when you can't browse the web or use email. ...just make sure in advance that you thoroughly read their terms of use. They may claim using BitTorrent is somehow "illegal" -- just mention the legal uses if it's not the generic excuse "it's a server, we don't allow servers". And if they throw the "it's a server" excuse, ask them if that means you're not allowed to host 1-time online games so your friends can join...or FTP upload files to an online repository (acting as a server there)...or using virtual private networking for security reasons, such as when doing online banking/buying something online.

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