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uTorrent goes berserk and eats ALL CPU and Memory.


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When I start up uTorrent, I look at the Task Manger to read its actions.

It starts up normally, running about 3% CPU and ~6,000 kb Memory.

But, by either wating or engaging other programs (FireFox, Trillian, iTunes) it goes completely haywire.

It runs to 98%~100% CPU usage and memory spikes too a _completely_ unreasonable 400,000 kb.

I have no choice but to kill 'uTorrent.exe' at that point.

uTorrent was working fine a few days ago. I've been able to grab & seed a few torrents. What happened? If any of you have any information, It'd be appreciated.



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Alright. This seems to be a frequent topic on the boards. I've seen two others with this problem.

For me, The only internet~wise change that's happened, was the installation of CyberSitter.

This _must_ be the problem. I can disable the filtering CyberSitter does by editing the registry, but this doesn't seem to fix uTorrent. Another user on a Azurues board said disabling the entire program worked for him.

Any of you know how to do this? Or at least kill it off temporarily, or kick out its capabilities from under it?

Even just allow uTorrent to sneak by?

Any help is gladly appreciated.

And, No, I can't disable Cyber Sitter the conventional way. I have to kill it my own way, somehow.

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Ok. Are there any other torrents similar to uTorrent? I mean, BitTorrent is effected too it seems, Although it doesn't go haywire,

But are there other Torrent Clients that let you pick what files you want in a torent?

Or, at least, another well-made client? Thanks. Opinions are appreciated.

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