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settings tweak problems


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i used the utorrent settings optimizer but i want to know if its correct and if not, whats the best settings to change it to to get max speed.

my download is

4742kb down

376kb up

these should be my settings according to optimizer

Network Options › Global maximum upload rate: 34

Network Options › Alternate upload rate: 41

Network Options › Global maximum download rate: 545

Torrent Options › Global maximum number of connections: 376

Torrent Options › Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 47

Torrent Options › Number of upload slots per torrent: 8

but usually these arent the best so wondering if any can advise me what to put them as

and also if my download is 4742 and upload is 376 what speed is my internet connection? is it 4mb or 8mb?

thanks :-)

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